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Born in Venlo 1994
Lives and works in Utrecht (NL)

Maybe my work is about dealing with and processing the reality of everyday life. Dealing with your personal world, your small reality and the reality of the big, outside world, that sometimes overpowers your personal world. When a threat from outside is sensible, but not concrete.Chaos, the unknown, sensory overload, impending doom.
Stories, fantasy, escapism, absurdism, symbolism.
Visualizing the brain storm that constantly fills my head space.

I experience the world as chaotic and elusive. A chaos that humans continually attempt to structure and give meaning to. My work revolves around this human desire to comprehend life, as I myself (unsuccessfully) try to create stories from a jumble of visual material.In my drawings, collages and installations, these random visual elements come together, evoking associations. Therefore, my work teeters on the edge of chaos and connection, randomness and meaningfulness.I often draw images reminiscent of fables, fairy tales, cartoons, and other fantasy worlds. Ways in which humans seek to attribute universal meaning to the world around them. Hereby I also bring an ode to using your imagination as a way to momentarily escape reality. The reality of a complex outside world that can sometimes overshadow your personal world.By placing my drawings in space and creating installations, the whole becomes a set. The idea of a set reinforces the concept that it's a staged situation, a fabricated story.

2021-2023 Bachelor of Fine Art and Design in Education deeltijd - HKU, Utrecht
2012-2016 Bachelor of Fine Art - HKU, Utrecht
May 2024 . Grensloos Kunst Verkennen - De Wijk, IJhorst
The horses flee their riders' victory - Kunsttraject - Etalages Zeeheldenbuurt, Amsterdam
Papertrails - Duo show with Susanna Inglada - Kunstlinie, Almere
SwiepSwap Zwoele Zwembadhouse Editie - NAR, Utrecht
BIG ART - Hembrugterrein, Zaandam
Prospects - Art Rotterdam, curated by Johan Gustavsson and Gabi Seiliute
Offline Exhibition - Tinimini Room, Dordrecht
Des espaces autres - Upscale Galerie, Rotterdam
Sticky Notes - Plaatsmaken, Arnhem
Kunstsalon IJL - Galerie Noord, Groningen
Where the winds mean nothing - Raam Maar, Rotterdam
Self Publish or be Damned - Academie Galerie, Utrecht, curated by Bram Nijssen and Ronald Nijhof
Art on Paper, Amsterdam - Galerie Getekend with Emmy Bergsma en Harm van den Berg - curated by Stina van der Ploeg
Expo in Galerie Gemeen-Goed with Birgitt Busz, Abcoude
Streams of Consioussness - Drawing Centre Diepenheim - group exhibition - curated by Nanette Kraaikamp
Walldrawing in shop Swordfish & Friend - A014, Utrecht
Proomfile - EXbunker, Utrecht - solo
Solo Expo - Galerie Joghem, Sanquin, Amsterdam
FILLER - SIGN, Groningen - group exhibition
Expo Cultuur op de Campus - Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Selected By… Graduation Show Corrosia, Almere - group exhibition
Kleine Zaal: Imke Ruigrok invites: Bente Wilms – De Vishal, Haarlem
Exposure ‘16 – graduation show HKU – Utrecht – group exhibition
A Creature Called Soft Machine - Impakt - Academiegalerie, Utrecht – group exhibition - curated by Christina Della Guistina, Annette Kraus
.unst - HKU Lange Vie, Utrecht – group exhibition
Luchtkastelen op Sypesteyn – Sypesteyn, Loosdrecht – group exhibition
Related work experience
2022 . Artist Talk and workshop, Papertrails, Kunstlinie, Almere
2021 . Sticky Notes - Plaatsmaken, Arnhem, Silkscreen project with Derk Müller, Hannah van der Schaaf, WONNE and Elisa Klabbers led by Harmen Liemburg
Working as an art teacher in primary education and extracurricular art education.Prices and nominations
2016 . Nomination - Dooyewaard Stipendium
2016 . Nomination - Thesis award - HKU
2020 . Mondriaan fund Stipendium for Emerging Artists.
2022 . Murf/Murw Magazine no. 9 - drawing on theme 'Obscuritas'
2019 . You wanna be our dog. - Special Edition Zine - Anders Zine
2018 . Central Exams Magazine for Visual Arts vmbo, theme ‘Identity’, Cito
2018 . coverbeeld Non-Issue #057
2016 . HKU Fine Art TWG catalogue
Self published
2021 . Where the winds mean nothing. (Zine)
2020 . Once Upon a DOOM: the Zine
2016 . ART A.K.A. THE WEIRD KID (and his misunderstood life) (Thesis)

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